Facebook etiquette: Do’s and don’ts

Everyone enjoys seeing funny, thought-provoking, and interesting posts in their Facebook news feed. But there are still some people out there who don’t understand the best ways to use Facebook. I wanted to write a post about my personal do’s and don’ts for Facebook posts, because I see posts all the time that the writers may not realize are not the best way to communicate on Facebook. I apologize in advance if anyone who actually does these things is offended. I just wanted to air out my views and maybe help some people in the process.


1. Don’t air out your dirty laundry on Facebook. There is nothing more unattractive than calling someone rude names on your Facebook page. Facebook is not a place to trash-talk an ex or someone you used to date. That kind of stuff is meant for a more private setting, not for everyone on your Facebook to see. I’m sure a lot of us have coworkers and colleagues as Facebook friends. Think about how they will suddenly think of you outside of Facebook. Images can get tarnished by trash-talking on Facebook.

2. Don’t post disgusting/disturbing images to prove a point. Just because you are a strong animal rights supporter doesn’t mean everyone on your Facebook needs to see pictures of dead animals. Just because you are anti-abortion doesn’t mean everyone wants to see pictures of aborted fetuses/photo-shopped images of very tiny babies as they would supposedly look like in the womb. Sure, everyone has a right to share different political viewpoints on Facebook, but pictures speak louder than words and can be very upsetting to others.

3. Don’t try to bring drama to Facebook. I see these inconspicuous posts on Facebook a lot that are obviously targeted at a single individual as a way for the writer to lash out at them without outright using their name. Keep the drama in real life and off Facebook, a very public platform, folks.

4. Don’t update everyone on Facebook as to your hourly mundane doings. No one needs to know that you are off to take a shower. That’s too much information that most of your Facebook friends did not need to know. Facebook should be a way to communicate what’s interesting in your day, not to let people know things you do every single day. People love to read new updates about what’s going on with you, not what everyone else will be doing at some point that day.


1. Do share funny and cute pictures that make you laugh or go “aww.” Everyone needs a little humor and cuteness in their life, especially if they’re having a bad day and something they see shared on Facebook cheers them up a little. So next time you see a funny comic or meme or an adorable picture of a dog or cat, share it.

2. Do share interesting, insightful videos and news articles. I personally enjoy learning something new, and I really think highly of others who aren’t afraid to share news stories they find important to them and their beliefs. Don’t be afraid that half of your Facebook friends have opposing views as to the topic. Post for the ones who probably share your views, and maybe even to get those with opposing views to look at the topic a little differently. Facebook can be a very powerful tool to inform.

3. Do keep others up to date about important events/accomplishments. I personally have a lot of family members on Facebook who I rarely ever see anymore and I know they appreciate being kept up to date on how I am doing, and I feel the same way when I read similar posts by them. It makes family members and old friends still feel close to you even if you no longer see each other in person.