The iPhone 4s vs. the iPhone 5: Is there going to be much difference?

The iPhone 5 in all its glory.


A lot of you may have already heard that the iPhone 5 will be officially released this Friday. As an owner of the previous iPhone model, the iPhone 4s, I wanted to compare the specs between the two phones to see how much better the iPhone 5 is actually.

I have had my iPhone 4s since about June and have loved its functionality ever since. It is the perfect size and has all the specifications I could want, from a very high-quality 8MP camera to Siri, my handy virtual assistant. When it comes to size, the iPhone 5 will be bigger than the iPhone 4s. It has a 4 inch screen versus the iPhone 4s’s 3.5 inch screen, which gives the home screen an extra row for app icons. I find the 3.5 inch screen to be the perfect size, and find the screen of a lot of Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy SIII’s 4.8 inch screen, to be too large for a phone.

Another big difference is the size of the charger with the iPhone 5. It has a much smaller connector as opposed to the 30-pin connector on the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4. This becomes a problem with those of us who have iPhone charging accessories, such as battery packs and alarm clocks. I bought a digital alarm clock that gives me the option to charge my iPhone, which comes in handy when I just want to charge it faster and don’t need to use an outlet. Because of the new connector size to charge to the iPhone 5, alarm clocks like mine will become obsolete.

Other significant changes include an A6 chip versus the A5 chip in the iPhone 4s, which means the iPhone 5 will have faster processing speeds. The 4G LTE capability will be a greatly needed improvement for many in LTE-capable areas, but unfortunately makes no difference in my area with my Sprint carrier, along with many other suburb and rural areas.

Let’s look at the iOS 6, which was just released today and I will be updating to tonight. A lot of other new improvements to iOS 6 which will all be on the iPhone 5,  can easily be put on older models like the iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS, thanks to the iPhone’s ability to easily update to the newest operating system. So Siri’s advanced capabilities will be available on older iPhone models, along with the many other new features, including Facebook integration, turn-by-turn navigation with spoken directions, improvements to Safari, and many more changes. To see all of the changes in the update, you can go to To see a review of iOS 6, go to

So, if you are debating whether to wait for your two-year upgrade eligibility to buy a newer iPhone or will be a first time iPhone owner who is unsure about the expensive cost of $199, I would recommend either waiting until the iPhone 5’s price gets lowered next year or buy the iPhone 4s, which will only be $99 on contract. But if you are eligible for an upgrade soon or really want to get your hands on the new, shiny iPhone, by all means go for it and enjoy! To discover all the other changes found in the iPhone 5, go to

See the official iPhone 5 trailer below to learn about all the new changes.



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